Reports and analytics on all help desk activities

Visually stunning and in-depth reports

Powerful reporting
Create reports

Create insightful reports on-the-fly based on your business requirements. Helpdesk pilot's custom report-building module gives you the flexibility to create reports using any combination of data sources. At any time, reports can be exported to CSV or excel format.

Customize Priority

Customize Priority

Visually informative

Each report displays information in visually concise formats, providing you with a snapshot view of all the key metrics that you're interested in measuring.

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Quality of service

Staff activity or staff performance reports provide statistics that measure the effectiveness of your help desk. Create a monthly staff activity report to effectively measure the overall productivity levels across your help desk.

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Utilize data within reports

Although reports you've created are displayed in a visually appealing format, you may need to use actual statistics to build internal management or admin reports. A single click export allows you to extract modifiable CSV or Excel based reports

Powerful reporting on all activities with Helpdesk Pilot