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A help desk within easy reach
Manage requests sent via email

With Helpdesk Pilot's email management, support requests sent into corporate mail boxes, such as support@yourcompany.com can be converted into uniquely identifiable tickets. Individual categories for each of your mail boxes allow for efficient filtering of incoming mails.

All mail box configurations are supported, including MS Exchange & Google Apps.

Customize Priority

Customize Priority

End user web interface

A self service ticket management interface for your end users allows them to submit requests over the web. Customizable submission forms ensures you're able to collect specific information and guide the end user as they submit a support request.

End users can subsequently use the interface to view requests they've submitted in the past as well as responses from the help desk.

Create requests on behalf of end users

Each help desk staff has the ability to create a new ticket within their respective staff interface. This is useful in cases where an end user phones in and provides a request, which then needs to be ticketed in the help desk.

Automated notifications sent via email ensure that the end user is aware of a phone request that has since been ticketed.

Extend the functionality of your help desk
Priorities and Statuses

Set your own statuses and priorities to match your business needs. Set a default and determine the order of statuses and priorities to be displayed for your users and staff. You can also edit and delete the default statuses.

Customize Priority

Customize Priority

Template based notifications

Create your own notifications to be sent out on various actions taking place in your help desk. Template based notifications allows you to have specially customized content for various categories. Add any of the available tags in each notification to tailor them to your requirement.

Staff and Category signature

Your support staff can add their own signature to outgoing replies. Each category can also have it's own signature, allowing you to add specific external links to the signature. Use these in your notification templates, as you please.

Custom fields to track more information

Collect more data from your end users by customizing the form they submit requests on. Maintain a set of fields, specific for each ticket, for internal reference. You can add multiple levels of dependent custom fields. Custom fields are available in Text, Numeric, Drop down and Multiple option type.

Customize Priority

A feature rich support ticket system

Classify your various business units into categories and efficiently organize incoming requests based on type. Requests to a category can be submitted via email, web or both according to your help desk requirements. For greater productivity, help desk staff can be given access to single or multiple categories, ensuring that the relevant staff are able to view, manage and respond to requests.

Customize Priority

Customize Priority

Tags and Due dates

Tickets within a specific category can be classified further through the use of tags, making it easier and quicker to identify tickets at a later stage. Unlimited tags can be added to a ticket and later searched on, to filter out tickets that have been accordingly tagged. Add a due date on tickets to be well aware of a date before when specific tasks on a ticket need to be completed.


Customize Priority

Authenticate against LDAP*

Businesses with a Microsoft Active Directory or Open LDAP implementation can utilize this add-on to have help desk staff and end users access the help desk with their AD credentials. Do away with the need to create additional accounts for help desk users and leverage your existing Active Directory setup.

*Available only for Pro and Enterprise license customers

My Queue

My Queue

Allow each of your help desk staff to define their preferred ticket-view and have tickets displayed in the sequence they wish. The My Queue filter ensures that no tickets remain unassigned or unanswered as help desk staff are able to effortlessly review all tickets and respond faster.

Smarter management for an efficient Help desk
Dashboard for starters

An overview of your help desk system is available right on log in. View beautiful charts indicating the state of your help desk. You can also quickly view the new tickets that have been created in your system. A quick glance on the right shows the recent replies and private notes that have been exchanged.

Customize Priority

Customize Priority

Assign tickets

Assign tickets to the right support staff, ensuring ownership of a ticket. You can easily assign tickets with a single click on the tickets view or detail pages. And what's more, you can automate this too, via Smart rules. Once tickets are assigned, the assigned staff will be notified.

Customize Priority

Private Notes for collaboration

Your help desk staff can exchange notes on a ticket for further collaboration. These notes will be tracked along with the conversation view of the ticket between the staff and customers. Choose whom you want to send alerts to, when you leave a private note. These alerts will be sent to the staff via email.

Smart Rules Magic

You can set up automated actions to be performed on your help desk. Choose from a list of conditions and apply an action to be performed on tickets that match these conditions. All smart rules applied on a ticket will also be tracked in the Activity log available on each ticket. The smart rules are applied LIVE when the tickets match the conditions set. It's like magic.

Customize Priority

Customize Priority

Search it all

Coming soon. With it's precise search functionality, you can be assured that you will get to the email that you're looking for, in a matter of seconds. Search supports smart operators like tags, assigned, category, status and more. You can also look for tickets through an end user's info, like phone or email ID. The advanced search helps you look for tickets matching a custom field value too.

Rapid responses lead to rapid turn around time
Quick Reply

Help desk staff can respond to tickets in their queue from the tickets view page itself, using the handy quick reply functionality. With the message preview displayed on each ticket, the response that needs to be conveyed may be immediately apparent to your help desk staff. The quick reply feature allows them to instantly respond with utmost ease.

Customize Priority

Customize Priority

Measure time spent

Each response to a ticket may be made up of a physical activity, such as consulting with an internal team or performing a relevant task. For each response sent on a ticket, help desk staff can manually enter the time spent in completing that specific task. Total time spent on a ticket is automatically summed and tracked on a ticket, allowing you to maintain time records and export time spent reports for end user billing purposes.

Customize Priority

Conversational View

Responses between help desk staff and the end user are actively appended to an existing ticket, in an easy to view conversation-style format. At any time, the communication thread on a ticket can be easily viewed, aided by date and time stamps. Actions performed on a ticket, such as status or priority changes are documented and provide you with a clear audit trail of all activity on a ticket from the time of creation to resolution.

Single Response. Multiple actions

A number of actions may follow a response to a ticket, such as the need to change a status, assign it to another help desk staff member and set a due date. Rather than performing these known actions one after the other, the response feature allows you to define multiple actions at once when a response is sent on a ticket.

Customize Priority

Reply to tickets via email

Helpdesk Pilot's 2 way email integration allows your help desk staff to respond to tickets, by merely replying to the staff notifications they receive via email, on every new and updated ticket. Responses are sent to the end user and appended to the ticket within the help desk. Notifications sent to mobile devices then allow your help desk staff to reply to tickets even whilst on the move.

Powerful Reporting on activities across the help desk
Build on the fly

Helpdesk Pilot's best-in-class reporting architecture allows you to create insightful reports on key metrics across the help desk. The custom report-building module gives you the flexibility to create reports in line with your specific business requirements, using any combination of data sources on the help desk. Reports can be run on any data range and exported to CSV or Excel format for further analysis.

Customize Priority

Customize Priority

Visually informative

Each report displays relevant information in visually concise formats, providing you with a snapshot view of all the key metrics that you're interested in measuring.


Pie chart representations of ticket status and assignees as well as a line chart display of tickets assist in conveying all the right information in a simple manner.

Customize Priority

Quality of Service

Measuring the effectiveness of your help desk is easily done using the statistics that the Staff Activity or Staff Performance reports provide. Determine the overall workload on each of your help desk staff relevant to the number of tickets assigned to them, over a given date range. Create a monthly staff activity report to effectively measure the overall productivity levels across your help desk.

Customize Priority

Utilize data within reports

Reports that you've created are displayed in a visually appealing format but you may need to use actual statistics to build internal management or admin reports. A single click export allows you to extract CSV or Excel based exports, that you can then modify to your needs. Use Helpdesk Pilot's reporting module to assist your internal management decision-making.

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